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A Silent Investor in People . . . always

True talent doesn’t crave riches, fame, or awards, or egotistical gratification. Talent is only born with one aim, or endowed upon the vessel of a human being with one mission – to move others.

The Return of the Auteur

does the average filmmaker him or herself ever factor the auteur theory into their own work, their way of thinking, their artistic aspirations.  Is it part of the ultimate goal when considering what they want their overall body of life’s work to be?

Brexit; where will leaving leave us?

To find any of the answers you may be looking for in life just Google them.  Whether you’re looking for a listing of the complete works of Shakespeare or the current time in Bangkok, the internet is every man’s friend – always a reliable source.

Notes from an Entrepreneur

Matthew Weston has met a lot of people through his charity work and campaigning for veterans’ rights since leaving the forces. One such individual is former Army Officer Bob Garbett, who, like Matt, retired early from the army on medical grounds.