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The World Film Movement

The Joining Forces Campaign is an integral part of the World Film Movement. Across cinema’s one hundred plus year history it has been filmmakers themselves who’ve been responsible for the greatest movements and revolutions that have seen our most profound and extraordinary films and artists come to light. The World Film Movement is a gentle rebellion led by a group of filmmakers and actors who want to live the change they hope to see in the industry. The World Film Movement presents solutions to each of the major obstacles filmmakers, writers and actors face. And, relying on our own talent, inner-belief, courage and tenacity, aim to embed a new way for films to made, careers to flourish, talent to be showcased and the rousing power of stories be delivered to the audiences for whom they will come to mean the most.

We will either find a way . . . or make one

The British Filmmakers Alliance

The British Filmmakers Alliance is a non-profit organisation uniting filmmakers and actors from around the world who are committed to finding alternate ways for their potential to come to light.

The BFA Awards

A revolutionary set of awards designed to showcase and celebrate acting, writing and filmmaking talent when recognition is needed the most: the point where success is being strived for rather than already attained. Also includes categories for developing projects

The Spoiler

The first feature film from the British Filmmakers Alliance, designed to showcase the incredible acting and filmmaking talent in the UK. Available for purchase or rent at the World Film Showcase.
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Fires we’re Starting…

Documentary covering our journey to bring the World Film Movement intro fruition.

The World Film Showcase

A Film Festival, Market and Distribution platform allowing filmmakers the possibility of securing deals and finding audience in a realistic and non exploitative way.

The World Writers Showcase

Encouraging and supporting the work of writers and pioneering ‘AudioMovies’ a new way for films to being their life cycle.

Company Reel

Showcasing the work of the British Filmmakers Alliance. Visit Wild Frontier Productions, our production company site, or watch our company reel here
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Film Sphere

The BFA’s free interactive membership platform, allowing members the chance to promote themselves, meet and unite with other members, have an online presence and platform for their talent and their work and gain momentum for their projects.

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