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Filmmakers and Veterans, fighting together to get their stories to the world

Just prior to the outbreak of the horrific war in the Ukraine we were due to make an AudioMovie of ‘Age of Descent’ a poignant but harrowing story about the knife crime epidemic as it affects today’s youth. Many of the veterans we know through the Campaign expressed their agony and frustration at being unable to help those suffering overseas. A soldier’s primary instinct is to protect. To fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. Without giving up on Age of Descent we changed track and launched into an AudioMovie of ‘Thin, Brittle, Mile’ the story of a soldier going through his greatest battles on his return home. It was largely drawn from the experiences of many of the veterans we know, and touches on some of the most prevalent issues we are confronted with daily, but often overlook; the migrant crisis, the forgotten plight of our mentally injured veterans, illegal wars, and the encroachment of terrorism no matter where you are in the world. We believed it was of paramount importance, not only to tell this story now, but to give our veterans the chance to stand and fight again by enlisting their help and involving them in every aspect of Thin, Brittle, Mile’s production. Including those we roped into acting out their parts! Without them, the Thin, Brittle, Mile AudioMovie would not have been made.

Profits from the sale of the Thin, Brittle, Mile AudioMovie will go to the humanitarian relief effort in the Ukraine as well as veterans’ charities and non-profit organisations.

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Love of Words and Thin, Brittle, Mile are just the beginning. Check out our other forthcoming projects and use the sign-up buttons if you’re a veteran, filmmaker or actor interested in being involved. Or, if your preference is participation in the Great British Challenge, or you simply want to hear more about the Joining Forces Campaign, sign up to find out how you can: BeAPartOfSomething!

Recent and Forthcoming Projects

Thin, Brittle, Mile

Novel, charity AudioMovie and . . . coming soon . . . the Thin, Brittle, Mile feature film.

Love of Words

The first film from the Joining Forces Campaign, now a part of the Invictus games.

Age of Descent

Novel and forthcoming charity AudioMoive and drama series.

Youth Anthem

Charity single and accompanying video; to made by veterans and established filmmakers for the Joining Forces Campaign

The Strongest Among Us

Sometimes the strongest among us are the ones who smile through silent pain, cry behind closed doors, and fight battles nobody knows about.

Drowning Room Only

Drowning Room Only will be the first feature made by the Joining Forces Campaign and funded exclusively by the Great British Challenge.

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