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The first film from the Joining Forces Campaign, Love of Words, is a short made by both veterans and filmmakers, as well as staring former service personnel alongside professional actors, including the venerable Charles Dance who graciously lent his support. It went on become part of the Invictus Games. But its greatest success was to be the living proof of the philosophy of the Joining Forces Campaign by bringing life enriching, confidence building experiences to a group of our veterans. In particular, to a former soldier, so severely suffering the crippling effects of PTSD that he hadn’t left his home for six years. And yet the call and excitement of being part of a film was enough to encourage him to join us.


Love of Words would simply not have been possible without the believe, trust and action of a group of our friends who became part of the first of our Great British Challenge events, the results of which funded Love of Words.
Against such impossible odds, many filmmakers would rather make their films for charity than never have the chance to make them all, reinforcing the message at the Joining Forces Campaign’s heart; that its benefits touch filmmakers and veterans alike.
If you’d like to be part of The Great British Challenge and know that you’ll be helping to tell the stories which speak of our times, simply be having the time of your life, as well as enriching the lives of our veterans.

Read more about Walking With Warriors below and check out our latest events.

‘I have the greatest respect for our servicemen and women. Whatever help we lucky ones can give is the least we can do. But do it we should.’
Charles Dance
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