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No Army is so Strong as Brothers Side by Side

The Joining Forces Campaign is a non-profit initiative established by Matthew Weston, one of the most seriously injured veterans to have survived any recent conflict, and Katharine Collins, founder of the British Filmmakers Alliance. Matt and Katharine set up the Joining Forces Campaign because they believe filmmaking is a superb and unique way to give new life experiences, a taste of alternate career opportunities and confidence boosts to our veterans. But more importantly, to bring back to them a sense of the camaraderie, solidarity, unity and self-worth so missed from their lives in service. And the incredible benefit for filmmakers? The experience of working with a group of women and men who will never give up on the mission at hand and put no greater importance on anything other than the person to the left and the person to the right of them. The Joining Forces Campaign unites filmmakers and veterans for the benefit of all!
‘The military skill set actually fits in very well on a film set, everyone pulling in the same direction, there’s actually a longing for it in the industry’

-Sapper Matthew Weston, retired. Founder of the Joining Forces Campaign.

from the Joining Forces recording of the Thin, Brittle, Mile AudioMovie

Matthew Weston and Katharine Collins, Founders of the Joining Forces Campaign.

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